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Service Learning with Animals

ENGAGED PHILOSOPHY is a site that gives faculty and students tools to implement activist or service projects in philosophy classes—assignment guidelines, sample projects, and testimonials and data supporting civic engagement results. For animal-specific project ideas, see this page.

One model for a service learning course: Taking Animals Seriously, by Kathie Jenni at the University of Redlands. "A four week long internship at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah that is grounded in study of the history, issues, philosophies, and strategies of the animal welfare movement. One and one half days per week are devoted to class time; the remaining three and one half days each week are devoted to full time work in all aspects of the Sanctuary: cleaning, feeding and watering, socializing with and exercising animals, veterinary care, adoption services, humane education, and community outreach. Students may specialize in one facet of animal care during their final two weeks." Jenni has written about the course in this volume.



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